Arblu shower trays

Tecnoblu shower trays

Tecnoblu (Solid Surface) shower trays are characterised by their smooth and silky to the touch surface, in homogeneous, non-porous paste and by a matt white result with high resistance. They have a height of only 2 cm and they are completely Made in Italy.

Shower trays characteristics

Technical advantages:
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • UV rays resistant
  • Resistant over time
  • Stain resistant
  • Antibacterial
Material advantages:
  • Silky to the touch
  • Easy cleaning
  • Restorable in case of scratches or stains
  • Customized cut in warehouse
  • Cut on site out of square
Tecnoblu shower trays




Bianco Opaco

Customized cut

The customized cut is necessary for all those situations where the space does not perfectly match the shape of the shower tray: irregular walls, outsize proportions or difficulties linked to more complex renovations.

Taglio speciale


Lay-on installation
Flush floor installation
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Tecnology of material

Its homogenous structure means that the surface will not deteriorate, peel or flake off and can be recovered and restored to its original state.


Any damage that may be caused by improper use can mainly be repaired on site without replacing the shower tray.

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Easy cleaning

Cleaning the bathroom is quick and easy: a correct routine maintains the quality and beauty of surfaces over time. Watch the video with our tips.

Elegant decor

Matching drain pipe cover with a dedicated design by Arblu.

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