Your time is the true reality

To actualise the experience of art and dilate the concept of well-being by making them both real. This is the refined lightness we have allowed ourselves to play with the senses and evocations. The same ones we seek at the end of a day in this special place in the home. The same that we demand for ourselves.


Because the bathroom is the place of the self and of seduction exercised only towards oneself without questioning the world and the gazes that judge it. This is how we wanted to imagine female protagonists in the history of art: how could they experience well-being if only they could free themselves from the limited space of the frame and transcend the time of their era?

Here is the game that becomes real and is projected into those intimate moments where the bathroom becomes an individual experience of one’s own body and mind, stripping away the proverbial ‘masks’ that everyday social, professional (or artistic) life has imposed on us.

Art does not always reproduce what is visible but makes visible what is often not visible


Out of the chaotic, out of the immutable, out of the ordinary, away from the usual vision.

Matter, tactility and design thus define the new expressive framework where the furnishing elements integrate, interact and balance each other creating the leading role of your daily life.
Time is now combined only with the present.


With Horizon we started from a new concept of frame that is configured as a system suitable for all our complements (drawer fronts, doors and walk-in), to generate a bathroom that is coherent and recognisable in its lines and design style.

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