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Shower cabins


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Eight are the millimeters of glass thickness that make this shower cabin the top of the range. The ideal choice for those who love design and functionality.

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H 205 cm
Vetro 8 mm
10 configurazioni


Sliding doors
Box Otto
Box Otto
Box Otto
Box Otto

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Silver brill




Lacquered matt Arblu colours or Ral system

Painted Metal and Metal Brushed


Vetro Trasperente


Vetri Extra Light

Extra Light

Nuvola Degradè

Grigio Europa

Grey Europe

Bronzo Glam

Vetro Satinato


Vetro Specchiato

Mirror effect

Serigrafato fascia

Serigraphy Band

Plus di prodotto
Vetro 8mm

8 mm thickness

The depth of the glass is directly proportional to its value: the thicker it is, the more valuable your box will be!

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By analysing the life cycle of a product, looking at all stages from extraction of raw materials to transport, manufacturing and disposal, we can assess its environmental impact and the resources used. If these assessments paint a picture of sustainability and environmental care, the company will be given the EDP. Arblu can declare that the LCA of its products (Life Cycle Assessment) complies with the international standards ISO 14025 and EN 15804!

Sgancio rapido

Quick release for easy cleaning

Washing the cubicle should be just as easy as taking a shower: that's why the doors can be released with a click for accessible and fast cleaning. Try it!

Soft close chiusura e apertura

Soft close system for closing and opening

The movement is gently accompanied, just a gentle push.

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Trattamento timless

Timeless treatment

Permanent anti-scale treatment Day after day, the glass is protected from corrosion, does not dull and retains all its beauty!

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Simple plus

Easy cleaning: SGP treatment

For an anti-limescale effect, it is easier to clean: any residual stains can be removed more easily than on untreated glass.

GSS film

When tempered glass breaks, it forms very small splinters (so they are not dangerous to people). The GSS protection film blocks the dispersion of the shards for an even safer bath!

Magnetic closure on aluminium profile

A simple, quick, useful closure for a lightweight but stable box.

info utili installatori

Estensibilità Extensibility and adjustment out of square
Possibilita-profilo-di-allungamento. Possibility of lenghtening profile
Profilo con attacco laterale Profile with lateral fixation
Profilo a gradi Rotating profile

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