Cover separet Elite

Shower cabins

Separet Elite

Suitable for original and contemporary projects

A transparent scenography that has the possibility of customising the finish of the glass and metal profiles.

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General informations

H 205 cm
Glass 8 mm
4 configurations
Separet Elite
Separet Elite


Clamps and Hinges

Argento lucido

Silver brill

Morsetto Alublack


Morsetto laccato

Lacquered matt Arblu colours or Ral system

Morsetto Metal

Painted Metal and Metal Brushed

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Vetro Trasperente


Vetri Extra Light

Extra Light

Grigio Europa

Grey Europe

Vetro Satinato


Vetro Specchiato

Mirror effect

Serigrafato fascia

Serigraphy Band

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